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Tranquility begins with a Decision

Experiencing tranquility in a world such as the one we currently live in for most is at best a rare event. Achieving a state of inner tranquility begins with a decision to experience it and is achievable with some effort every day.

Asking me to sit and be still, peaceful or tranquil is like asking a waterfall to be quiet! Others can achieve it but not me and I had to find another path to tranquility. The path however begins with a conscious choice to achieve a state of inner tranquility.

My path more closely resembles a wild roller coaster ride than a mindful silent meditation to distill ideas to achieve the grace of tranquility. I have found that accepting that I am not 'still' opens avenues for achieving the state than limiting myself to only a few options. occupying my body with movement allows my mind to settle.

Have you ever been doing something where the pace was just off and you found yourself becoming more anxious doing something that was supposed to be stress relieving and that when the pace sped up, you somehow you became more calm? So for busy executives you take a Sunday morning bike ride where your attention needs to be on the road, you strangely feel more relaxed.

Achieving an inner tranquility starts when you choose it, when you decide to look for ways to accomplish it regardless of whether it conforms to some norm that is expected of you.

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