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A massage is a personal matter and not all touch is healing or enjoyable. Finding a suitable massage therapist to work with means, having an open and direct relationship. There may be questions you feel too anxious (embarrassed) to ask. So I did it for you!

How do I choose what treatment to receive?


Consider the amount of time you have available. The less time you have available means the less of you we can work on. 30 mins full body massages would be so fast that we would not be able to do any proper work and certainly wouldn't be relaxing at all. At Kahe Hands the cost of your massage is based on the time you want to spend in the treatment, there is no change in cost based on the style you select and when we say your massage last 60 minutes, we massage for that length of time, we do not include your getting undressed etc as massage time. Which means you get the BEST massage for the duration you are paying for.

Choose what should be massaged. Where is your body is aching, sore or stiff, is it located in just one area, like your back or a stiff neck, perhaps your feet are giving you problems or your hands are cramping? Look to see what specific sessions are available for this area, generally a very specific area eg knee is referred to as a sports massage and is about 30 minutes. If all of your body is crying out and is in need of being touched, pampered or cared for then choose a full body treatment.

Choose the style: Several styles are available that you can select from giving very different experiences, Thai massages are firm, stretching received by you clothed and are for those who enjoy regular massage and firm pressure. Swedish and Holistic are more common styles offering a variety of pressures and strokes with some oil or massage cream, that leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed. Hawaiian is an oily, flowing, melodic massage for those in need of gentle pressure for that meditative deep relaxation experience. 

Here are 2 examples of typical booking request; 90 minutes Full Body Deep Tissue or 60 minutes Back and Neck and shoulder Sports Massage.

What should I expect during and after my massage?

A brief conversation about your general health and specific ailments, which I note down. I will give you space to undress, get onto the bed and cover yourself with a towel. Depending on what type of massage, I will start either at the feet or the head. I play soft music depending on your tastes and if I am at your place, you are more than welcome to arrange whatever relaxes you.


Massage effects can range widely from total relaxation and euphoria, to significant detox. If you are accustomed to 60 minute massage then graduate yourself to longer massages over time. Changing swiftly could leave you feeling over tired or even stiff from the detox symptoms. To minimize these effects drink lots of hot water with lemon following your massage. Soak in a Magnesium Chloride salt bath to increase the release of toxins and reduce your food and alcohol intake for around 6 hours.

What should I prepare at home if you are coming to me?

I bring a massage bed with me and you will need space for me to work in. The room should have, low lighting, so it's best to draw the curtains for comfort, no busy animals, people, phones or TV please, as these are not going to relax the environment. I need about 2m by 3m to work comfortably. If we are doing specific work like a detox these requirements will be emailed to you before hand but they are very basic in nature eg. a bowel of hot water

Should I shave my legs, wash my hair etc?

This is a therapeutic treatment, you will not be judged on the length of your bodily hair, or any other feature for that matter. As a rule though, try not to shave your legs on the day of a massage, as any little nicks and cuts may decrease your comfort while being massaged. Gents who have their backs waxed please consider waiting until after the massage to have it waxed! Long hair is easier on my hands and arms so if it is possible to leave it until after your massage that would be appreciated..

What am I supposed to wear?

You will be covered throughout your massage by bedding (towels or sheets and blanket depending on the weather) and only the areas that I need to work on will be exposed. Having a massage while stressed about what you are wearing will defeat the purpose of the treatment as you wont be relaxed. If you are concerned about having little on, you can receive your massage in a tracksuit, as it is about you relaxing, releasing and healing. The goal of a massage is that your muscles are stretched and worked in a way that will help your body improve its health, this is most easily done when you are not clothed and relaxed, but I can certainly work around coverings and clothing should you not feel comfortable with this. If this is your first massage feel free to wear underwear (ladies - please no bra though) that you will be comfortable getting oil on, otherwise you are welcome to remove everything.

What does the therapist wear?

We remain fully clothed in either long or short pants with a sleeveless or short sleeve top, as the whole arm is used in Hawaiian treatments.

Can you just work on my sore neck, or do you only offer Full Body Massage?

Yes absolutely! Choose a 1 hour session with the sports style, however, there is no such thing as a sore neck but rather a sore 'self' if your neck is sore, I will work on your legs, back and arms also. I do offer a variety of treatments which you are welcome to review and select from. It is always more preferable to have the whole body treated, but if you are only looking for a hand or foot massage then so be it! It is after all, all about your relaxation. Typically a 1 hour treatment will focus on specific areas only and is often referred to as a sports massage.

What should my diet be like on the day of the massage?

Eating a large meal just before a massage is not advised, so eat at least an hour before your massage, and drink a reasonable amount of hot water throughout the day to increase the removal of toxins from your body. Try not to eat high fat foods, chips, chocolate, burgers, fries etc and any type of fizzy drinks, should you want the best from your massage. Having bad eating habits may reduce the benefits you receive. Please, NO alcohol to be taken, prior to and is strongly discouraged following your treatment.

Can children receive treatment?

Children can benefit greatly from Holistic therapies, children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and I may ask that the guardian / parent even up to the age of 18 remain in the room with me. In healing massage should the children express a need for some time alone to discuss matters this will be requested of the parent. Teenagers, more frequently than we would like to believe, suffer from stress, particularly around exam time. This can dramatically affect their results and stress massage is a very appropriate remedy and can be done clothed in a kneeling chair. Sporting performance in young athletes and in particular injury prevention is highly recommended.

How should I behave or respond during a massage?

I believe the saying, "We are Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen", comes from the Ritz-Carlton group of hotels and we too share this approach. 

We are a respectful groups of individuals who enjoy doing business with people who share respect as a value. First and foremost, be upfront and clear (not forceful) about your expectations, let us know if you have any do's or do not's or likes and dislikes. Please ask what you would like more or less of if there is an area troubling you. 

Then be open to receive the treatment by relaxing your body, enjoying the treatment and allow any healing to take place. During the massage, speed and pressure of movements are constantly varied. This is deliberate, but if you are enjoying a particular touch and would prefer that I work a specific area a little more or apply a different pressure then please let me know by saying something. I am good, but do not read minds! I will ask at several points how you are experiencing the pressure just to make sure of your comfort and then I generally work in silence unless of course you have a need for conversation. Try as best you can to 'let go' for the duration of the treatment of any judgement on yourself for your thoughts, responses and emotions.

Does full body mean you are going to touch my privates?

Genitals do not form part of a professional full body massage. Your privacy and dignity will be maintained at all times. The massage does include your buttocks and inner thigh, you will however be covered and as always any areas of concern will not be worked. Please email us on to clarify any specific requests that you may have; rather ask and be sure than stay silent and regret not having an awesome experience.

Do I have to have my glutes (bottom / bum) and hips massaged?

No you don't. A standard full body massage always includes the glutes, hips and inside thigh as these muscles are closely related to your flexibility, stride and back alignment. Releasing the stiffness in these areas can increase your mobility and release pain. Your comfort and dignity are most important and therefore, we can leave it out. We prefer not to be surprised and are certain neither do you so please make this clear BEFORE your massage begins! Gents if you are buying the massage as a gift please let the person receiving it, know!

What if I feel aroused?

People experience touch in many ways and feelings of arousal at different times during a massage is both a normal and a healthy response. The massage is not intended to be sensual but should you find that you are experiencing it this way and are feeling uncomfortable, asking the therapist to change the pressure and or speed may prevent any embarrassment. In the case of gentlemen, the increase in blood flow could result in a more prominent display and leave you possibly embarrassed. This is a perfectly natural response, which therapists are trained to deal with in the most professional manner. You will not be judged, or ridiculed but are rather encouraged to focus your mind on your breathing as the best preventative strategy. Always share your concerns with your therapist.

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