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A calling to the healer to serve others


Knowledge, Skill, Passion

The foundation knowledge and skills to match your passion for healing.


This comprehensive full body massage course teaches the practitioner how to listen to the needs of the body, the knowledge of the most appropriate style and technique, superior massage skills and excellent interaction skills that gain clients for life.

The style of massage is unique to Kahe Hands. Predominantly Hawaiian (Lomi Lomi) and draws techniques from all other styles where most appropriate and functional. This massage course teaches not only enjoyable, relaxing massage but also the very best of functional massage.

The full body massage routine covers all aspects of the body and we consider it to be the most comprehensive treatment for the individual, delivering a massage experience that is far above average and leaves clients relaxed and healthier with more functional motion.

Course content

  • A brief history of massage, physical therapy and healing

  • General massage techniques

  • Indications & Contra-indications

  • Post  treatment home care

  • Preparation for treatment, room, client and personal

  • The client consultation

  • Massage routine - techniques to stretch and relieve muscular tension throughout the body

Course outcomes

  • Possess the knowledge and ethics to practice as a massage therapist

  • Identify an appropriate treatment according to the clients needs

  • Perform a professional 60 mins full body massage


  • 5 mornings over 5 weeks

  • Monday 08h00 to 12h30

  • Theory and practical exam pass mark requirement 95%

  • 50 x 60 mins massage case studies

  • R12,500 to be paid prior to attendance


  • Manual with space for notes 

  • Theory and practical assessments (re-writes are charged additionally)

  • Oil during practical training

  • Certificate on successful completion

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