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Beautiful intuitive touch with boundaries

Matthew has a beautiful touch and, very importantly as a woman, I trust him to keep within the boundaries I choose. I saw him for a series of 8 sessions, during which he has supported me and guided me through deep emotional healing shifts. Sky, Health Practitioner

So refreshing and relaxing

I had the most amazing spiritual massage in my home by Matthew of Kahe Hands. I definitely recommend it! Feel like a million dollars and so light! - Penelope, Yoga Business Owner

As a qualified Physio I know a little about quality massage

As a retired owner of therapy rooms and having practiced as a physio myself, I know a little about when a quality massage is being given. Matthew has delivered in my opinion and experiences the best massages I have ever received. I have experienced physical healing and nurturing that increased my flexibility and allowed me to travel overseas without pain and discomfort. I am now a regular addict! - Joan, Retired Physiotherapist

New outlook

You have helped me change the way I feel about and look at myself, more, in a few months, than I have been able to do in decades of work with counselling Psychologists. - Werner, Business Entrepreneur

I did not realise I needed the massage until I went

I used to play for the Blue Bulls squad and had to go weekly for sports massage therapy, so I know how helpful massage can be. Today I coach and train people for a living, and I thought that I knew my body, but wow, this massage certainly got me back in touch with why I need regular massage again. Thanks Matthew I will be sending my clients your way and visiting you weekly! - Athi, Personal Trainer

My daughters shoulder was frozen!

After a game of netball and a quiet evening my daughters shoulder suddenly and without warning froze. Several hours later and a good few anti inflammatory tablets she was still not feeling any better, but after 90 minutes under Matthews' hands she had her movement back and a normal neck. Subsequently my husband, all three of our boys and I have been around to him! - Veronica (Mom) and Tanita

Absolutely Brilliant

Had an absolutely brilliant massage!! this is the first time I actually relaxed while having a massage...Kahe hands is a wonderful therapist...highly recommended!! - Fern

After my massages I did not feel like I had spent the day on my feet!

My days are crazy both in terms of time and stress, I am frequently needed on set at the most bizarre times of day, which prevent me from taking the best care of my body. Over several months I have experienced both reflexology and massage from Matthew, I have steadily been losing weight, my hair and nails are growing, and my general health is superb. I prefer a firm pressure and have always felt completely relaxed and rejuvenated after a session. - Stavroula

Awesome experience!

I had an awesome experience with Kahe Hands full body massage, it left me feeling relaxed! Professionally done! Thanks Matthew - Tammy Smith, Professional athlete and Gymnastics Coach

I was on the verge of nausea from the migraine and he took it away in minutes!

I have always been sceptical, Matthew has treated my father for stress and I was always a little hesitant putting it down to psycho babble and nonsense, until one weekend at a seminar my eye started to close with the onset of a terrible migraine. I was on my way to get meds when Matthew stopped me, sat me in a chair and performed a small miracle in my neck, head and shoulders. I could not believe that it was gone and minutes later I was playing soccer! - Dennis

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