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Movement Therapy

Myofascial Activated Postural (MAP) Movement is a movement technique that teaches you to use your own body to create movement in all myofascial planes, in all directions. It is centred around the rehabilitation of fascia and is an alignment tool which enables you to move freely and more efficiently.

MAP Movement (Myofascial Activated Posture), is a rehabilitation tool to help you move more freely.
MAP Movement Therapy address the misconceptions around movement and re-training of posture. The current model of movement and training is based on the muscle isolation which can make muscle rigid and restrict movement which can increase pain as a result. New knowledge and techniques in the treatment of the fascial planes offers hope to those who have tried everything else and not found a solution.

MAP Movement fills the gap between movement as we know it and movement as we want it to be. The classes or session help to transition us from defensive posture to more natural powerful stances and movement. Individual sessions are quickly replaced with group classes making the therapy more cost effective and a regular form of exercise.

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