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Health from the inside out

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Vitality is more than just being healthy and free of disease,
it is the capacity to live our life to the fullest, adapt to stress, be happy and express our full potential.


The human body, constantly interacting with its environment, is faced with everyday life challenges and stress, making it difficult for many to cope. Fatigue, anxiety, depression and other related chronic conditions become ailments that impair our vitality and happiness.

Nutripuncture is an innovative holistic and natural therapy from France, that uses micro- nutrients to energise and balance the body vital currents and stimulate auto-regulation at the level of the cells.

Using mineral blends in micro dosage, Nutripuncture assists the body’s own organic ability to maintain itself and increases its vital potential by activating self-regulation to interact and adapt to the stress of its ever changing environment.


Vital currents stimulate the communication, cooperation and coordination of all parts of the organism. When balanced, they support cells communication in the body and we are better able to manage our emotions and achieve our sensory, creative and cognitive potential.


Minerals are essential nutrients to life. Combined in a specific way, they have been found to stimulate and regulate the harmonious circulation of information in the body that can be unbalanced by specific stress. These minerals support the body’s natural regulating and healing functions.

Nutripuncture, a combination of Eastern knowledge and Chinese Medicine, is a new natural and innovative system of mineral therapy. It uses minerals to help the body fix itself, with the aim of helping people regain vitality and wellbeing.


In the 1980s, a group of French researchers, inspired Georges Lakovsky’s work on body-environment interactions (especially on cellular oscillation) and that of Barbara McClintock (Nobel Prize in Medicine, 1983) on spontaneous genetic mutations, began to observe and evaluate the impact of the environment (natural, relational, and cultural) on the vitality and self-regulation of the body. Thus, they started to conduct their first studies at the Faculté d’Orsay (Paris) on the emerging properties presented by trace metals when combined according to specific protocols, and their impact on the circulation of vital currents.


Barbara McClintock’s work, which discovered the mechanisms for genetic mutations, started a debate about the vision of genes as “immutable” units of heredity and built the basis for a vision in which life is the fruit of an ongoing dialog between genes and environment. According to B. McClintock, genes are not the immutable cause of hereditary characteristics, but a dynamic system regulated by cells, the body as a whole, and the environment.

Gradually, researchers developed a method for interpreting clinical observations and evaluating the various parameters that affect individual psycho-physical vitality.

This is how Nutripuncture was started.

An approach based on the assumption that the body is covered by a network of currents that ensure both real-time body-psyche communication and the body-environment relationship (Traditional Chinese Medicine works). This is a hyper-complex network that develops very early-on in embryonic development (before the hormonal and nervous system) to circulate the (electromagnetic) pulses necessary to ensure the cooperation, cellular coordination, and coherence of the body-psyche system.


Numerous disciplines have contributed, along with Asian traditions, to the development of nutripuncture (PNEI, quantum medicine, neuroscience, psychology, microbiology, etc.).


A long road has been traveled, starting with the thousand-year-old principles of Asian medicine, to integrate them into the psycho-physical dynamic of modern humans, immersed in an environment saturated with information and many stimuli, much different from the one that, several thousands of years ago, enabled the understanding of relationships between environment and background, certainly simpler, and less contaminated.

Today humans are faced with a highly articulate, hyper-stimulating environment; they must process a large volume of information in real time, interact with a hyper-complex global society, and manage the relationships and conflicts that stem from it by calling upon their internal resources, often sorely tested by stress.


In Nutripuncture, the individual is always observed in his or her context, from which he or she is inseparable, as it is the source of essential information on the development of his or her faculties. Thus, the environment plays a definitive role in the creation of cognitive, sensory, and individual vocal potential.


It is clear that without qualitatively and quantitatively adequate stimuli, the vital currents (or meridians) that regulate body-psyche communication, as well as individual-environment interaction, will circulate more slowly, leaving part of the potential that everyone could express inactive.

We know that trace elements are necessary to cellular life and that they act at various levels.

Through many experiments, researchers have discovered that:

  1. By combining them according to specific protocols, we can create an “alphabet” that the body can coherently recognize.

  2. The combinations present emerging properties, very different from the properties of the base components.


Through this research, a range of products has gradually been developed, composed of 38 nutritional supplements (some specific to men, and others specific to women) called NUTRIENTS (categorized by number: Nutrients 1, 2, 3… 38) and a General Cellular Regulator, which supports the vitality of cellular membranes and the exchanges necessary for cellular communication, which is called Nutri Yin-Nutri Yang in France.


Nutripuncture has identified 33 vital currents, 14 primary ones, and 19 secondary ones:

  • 28 common to women and men

  • 5 unique to each gender :

  1. Uterus/Prostate,

  2. Breasts/Adam’s apple,

  3. Vagina/Penis,

  4. Female/male meridian of the pericardium,

  5. Female/male Triple Burner (which regulate the nervous system).


Micro minerals complexes – how are the nutriments used?

The Nutrients used in Nutripuncture are composed of micro doses of trace elements (combined according to specific protocols) on a neutralized lactose support.

The General Cellular Regulator, Nutri Yin-Nutri Yang, can be combined with one or more NUTRIENTS to restore energy and align the weakest vital currents (thus we talk about Associative Nutripuncture or AN).

The other 38 supplements can be combined in series of 5, to form specific circuits that act on specific issues (thus we talk about Sequential Nutripuncture or SN). These series are reserved solely for health professionals trained in this method, to support the psychosomatic equilibrium and drain the individual field.

While they have different actions, Associative Nutripuncture (AN) and Sequential Nutripuncture (SN) can be used in complementary ways; their use simply needs to be properly spaced. In fact the informational action of the Nutrients lasts approximately 2 hours, during which the circulation of the current or of the specific circuit activated will be especially stimulated. Therefore, if one decides to work at various levels, one can use, for example, an AN in the morning and an SN in the afternoon or evening.

Treatment is advised for approximately 21-30 days (according to the individual field), outside of meal times (not necessarily fasting).

Nutripuncture can be combined with any type of treatment to produce specific, effective responses to many problems related to stress and to our lifestyle. Using targeted information that improves cellular communication and the circulation of vital currents, Nutripuncture can help obtain rapid, targeted results, without side effects or special counter indications.

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