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Some sports are more prone to injury

You would think that this is obvious but the truth is every sport is prone to specific injuries. A common cause of not ensuring a healthy muscle balance in terms of strength and dexterity is the increasing risk of the injury.

Most full contact sports seem to get the blame and certainly they may claim more serious injuries, a non contact sport such as cycling shares in the scoreboard of serious injuries. The current trend towards offroad cycling has only served to increase the injuries.

Scored skin or open wounds cannot be massaged, furthermore depending on the severity of the injury the body must have adequately healed before massage will help the recovery rather than slow it down or even worse hinder it.

Regular massage does not prevent the accident, but in the event of one a well massaged muscle is less likely to be as severely injured and recovers more quickly. A sports massage is typically a very focused massage on the muscles that are at risk. The client generally stays clothed in sports gear or shorts with very little use of oil but rather the therapeutic aids for muscle relief. The routine could in include stretches and the use of tools such as rods, rollers or stone to help break up knots.

The most successful way to use massage in injury prevention is to attend weekly sessions, which at Kahe Hands can mean you can get treated on a heated bed in winter and also when you are available. If, as a busy executive or business owner you are only available after 7pm, don't worry we will take your booking then. We are open 9am to 9pm.

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