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The motion of the ocean

The motion of the ocean is what you can expect when you receive a Hawaiian massage. The gentle rolling waves are mimicked when performing this healing massage style. Touch is highly intuitive and so don't expect to receive identical treatments as the movements are adjusted by the therapist to attend to the needs of the client at the time of the massage.

Hands are not all alike, so choose a therapist you feel comfortable working with. An Hawaiian massage is about healing so you need to ensure that whatever you are seeking healing of your kahuna or healer can pray properly for you.

No matter your spiritual disposition this gentle massage style is ideal for relaxation. The movements are from hand to foot and we need loads of glide so expect lots of oil. If you don't know any of the therapists at Kahe Hands Massage studio, book for a holistic or traditional massage so that you can find someone you are comfortable with. Then book for your awesome Hawaiian treat!

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