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Embrace the seasons

I have a friend in Boise, Idaho, I know right, why live there, but he is happy... now. When Dave first moved to Boise he said the first Winter was terrible. He fell into a depression, hating every minute, and the more he hated on the season the more he felt cold. The more he felt confined. Everything was miserable.

When finally winter had passed, spring thawed his mood and his joy came back and eventually he forgot about winter. Until the first bronze leaves began to fall to the ground and he was reminded of what was coming! He felt the past tragedy and the impending doom and he again felt the slide towards depressive feelings.

One afternoon, Daves' daughter comes in excited that she is ready to burst out of her skin. She has been invited to a friends log cabin on the weekend following the first good snow to go skiing.

Two things shifted Daves view of the season. The first was his experience of someone else who was so excited about a season he dreaded which lead him to be inspired to seek out a winter activity that he would enjoy. He and his daughter both actively ski and thoroughly enjoy winter.

Maybe you are experiencing a Winter season right now that you are not terribly enjoying. Deliberately do what Dave did by accident. Seek out someone who is inspired by being in the same situation or season and take your lead from them. Find a way to be inspired because the seasons of life can not be avoided. You can choose to 'endure' it or 'relish' it but that's your choice. The seasons are there you might as well embrace them.

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