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Reasons to get a stomach massage

Stomachs are sometimes a very sensitive subject and may be the cause of a lot of our poor health. A good stomach massage has a number of benefits to your health. It is gentle and non invasive that may significantly contribute to your relaxation.The primary benefits are that it can bring relief to digestive issues, constipation and bloating. The stomach can be massaged as a dedicated area or included in one of the longer more thorough massage.

In addition to the benefits above, stomach massage may also:

  • aid in weight loss

  • encourage relaxation

  • tone and strengthen the abdominal muscles

  • release physical and emotional tension

  • release muscle spasms

  • increase blood flow to the abdomen

  • benefit abdominal organs

However, there isn’t specific research proving the effectiveness of abdominal massage in bringing about many of these benefits, including weight loss.

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