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How long before my competition?

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Sportsmen all need adequate preparation for the various activities they compete in both for performance and injury prevention. A deep tissue sports massage will help prevent injury and what is crucial is the timing from the actual event itself. Too close to the event will leave your muscle still sluggish and in recovery from the massage, and too far may mean the effect is lost.

The variables are the type of sport you are competing in, your bodies ability to recover from exercise and or strain and the type of massage. Given the complexity of these factors I suppose it is far simpler to speak about general terms and leave the detail to individual consultations and discussion.

The broad principles are to allow at least 2 days following a deep tissue massage before engaging the muscles again so as to afford them adequate time to recover. Before a big event leave about 5 to 7 days off deep tissue work and this is only if you have been regularly massage prior to your event. DONT think you can suddenly go for a deep tissue massage just before your event!

Increase your Magnesium salt baths before and after competitions and increase the quantity of water taken in. A side note for the endurance sports is to supplement with Tumeric to reduce inflammation.

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