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Pregnancy Massage

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Pregnancy while a wonderful and beautiful time can also be hard on the body. Here are some simple guidelines on massage during your pregnancy.

Always err on the side of safety, rather delay getting a massage until after your first trimester when your body will really need it anyway, and make your Dr aware that you intend going so that they can say if it is all good.

When it comes to oils avoid all essential oils, bland is safest and the same applies to pressure, gentle reassuring touch is always safest rather than deep stretches and focussed work. It is not to say that you can't receive these treatments but they are reserved for someone who is well massaged and has been massage prior to falling pregnant.

The most obvious issue is position, your comfort while lying down, so here is my view... use what is available to be comfortable and move when you are uncomfortable. If it feels like your therapist has to run around the bed after you .... so be it.... it is your sore body after all and your massage. The reason we try, and your body gets uncomfortable when lying in certain positions is that that increase weight can bear down on nerve and blood supply and changing position can alleviate the pressure.

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