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Four (4) Handed Massage

So the idea that massage could get even better has been around for centuries with the advent of two therapists working on a single client at the same time and hence the title - four handed massage.

This isn't just some novel massage idea, there are some tangible benefits. The primary reason is that a thorough massage can be performed when a client only has limited time available. Each therapist only has half a body to contend with so they can concentrate on the areas that need it.

Of course the pure luxury of having two therapists is also mind blowing!

Now this is not a jazz style massage session with each therapist off at different tempo and directions. At Kahe Hands Massage Studio we practice synchronized massage routines filled with symmetry and grace, leaving you breathless and relaxed.

To celebrate Fathers we are offering our famous 4 handed massage at R550 for the entire month of June and we are open by prior arrangement Monday to Saturday 9am to 9pm affording you the very best opportunity to enjoy this sumptuous massage.

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