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Wax on Hair off

Whether you are a sports person and prefer the ease of sports massage without hair or simply just don't like hair then we can offer a novel hair removal service to you. Given that we specialise in treating the serious massage regular and often serious athletes, even if that may mean you are a full time mom with an addiction to cross fit training, we encounter clients who prefer to be hairless.

Now one of the challenges is that of time, removing hair takes time depending on the hair you have. For those of us who have been doing it for a while, the hair is less stubborn and we can help the therapist work quickly. For this, we believe you should be rewarded by paying only for the time it takes. This means that your hair removal treatments become a simpler choice and the more you remove the more affordable your treatments.

Waxing a full leg that has never even been shaved with stubborn roots, may take more than an hour, compared with a regular BCS wax which might only take 45 mins. So firstly you tell us what you want waxed and we charge you for how long it takes - easy right?

Secondly and probably most importantly we are comfortable with all of the requests.... so GENTLEMEN if it is a BCS (back, crack and sack) that you want waxed, then we are able to help.

The size of the area and the thickness of the hair, affect how long it will take to wax.

Prices are below and we give only an indication of how long it typically takes, which WILL differ from client to client depending on several factors. Generally mens hair follicles are known to be be thicker and more coarse making them more difficult to remove:

90 mins - R500

In the event you have a lot of hair and have asked for combination areas

60 mins - R350

Full leg, bikini & stomach

3/4 leg, bikini & u/arm

Mens BCS (full back, crack of the bum and testicles)

30 mins - R200

3/4 leg,

Bikini / Brazilian / Hollywood

Arms / Shoulders / Back / Chest / Underarm

15 mins - R100

Specifically for minor areas only - Face / Stomach / Lip / Chin / Brow

What this means is; if you have very little and easy to remove hair, and you want to do fulls legs, with hollywood, your underarms and face and IF we are able to get this done for you all within an hour it would only cost you R350 - regular waxing clients will know how GREAT a deal that is!!

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