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Hawaiian Massage

The perfect blend of pressure, knowledge and care to relax and heal.

Healing, if made to be so, can be a complex process of fully integrating your body, mind and soul. We welcome all who are in need of healing through the modalities that we offer. Our approach is a distinctively natural one, which recognizes the inherent integrity of the whole person. We emphasize this healing capacity of the individuals' body. Methods of treatment are selected in accordance with where you are in your body, mind and spirit.

We, have an unhurried full body massage style, try not to speak much and focus rather intently on the condition of your body and muscle tissues. We encourage deep and focused breathing during our sessions to encourage focus, relaxation and increase blood flow. We prefer 90 minute or 2 hour treatments as we feel we are able to accomplish more this way. When visiting for the first time a two hour appointment is preferred and a 90 minute once every six weeks thereafter, this is not a hard and fast rule but more a general guide as individual needs differ greatly.

Massage, for us, is very much about both, the therapist and client, getting into a space of trust and comfort, where there is no judgement. Stay in the present moment and allow, enjoy and embrace touch as a means of receiving healing is crucial to a great session. Healing touch is not a once off event that you 'fit in', but it is rather a planned time, to care and nourish yourself. You can't just fit yourself in. Life is now and must be lived NOW not later and not only when you have the time. So make the time to care for yourself and switch off for two hours. Enjoy the sensation of hot oil warming tissues and muscles. While we try to accommodate last minute arrangements prior bookings are always preferred a day or more in advance.

Massage as a healing modality, is a joyful renewal of self, in the most caring and nurturing way. We have lost our connection with our humanity, so it is time to let go, lie back and allow yourself to enjoy the blissful reward of a great massage.

  • First Do No Harm. Minimize the risks of harmful side effects, and avoid, when possible, the harmful suppressing or hiding of symptoms.

  • Identify and treat the cause. Illness, hurt or trauma does not occur without a cause. Identify this cause which could be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual and then remove these underlying causes, eliminating the symptoms in the process.

  • Respect the individual as the primary caregiver. Clients are encouraged to accept the responsibility of their own health. My approach in no way limits any other modality from being engaged. Orthodox medicine may well be needed, but one does so from a position of awareness and responsibility.

  • Prevention. The ultimate goal is to prevent illness by remaining in as balanced a state as is achievable, by assessing risk factors in relation to that individual.

  • Treat the whole person. Health is a result of complex interactions of the environment, genetics, social, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual factors. All of which must achieve some level of balance to gain health.

All healing is the work of God our Father, through His Grace and the hands of His practitioners.

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