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Hawaiian Massage

Hawaiian healing massage is the use of a gentle thorough massage style to lull the body into a deep meditative state where you can activate healing physically, mentally and spiritually. A brief discussion to develop a massage and prayer intention takes place before and after each massage. The massage involves, silently and privately, meditating on your thoughts and feelings while receiving a massage. This massage style typically delivers its best results over 7 to 8 massages. 

There are distinct phases of healing and massage focus which are to be discussed with the practitioner and form a framework for coaching in finding and minimizing the effect of negative experiences and events in your life. Your massage experience could be one of deep relaxation or becoming highly emotional. The massage is a safe space for your to care and love yourself. It is about connecting with yourself and removing the energy and attention given to past hurts and trauma.

Consider using Hawaiian Healing when you want to relief from emotional pain and want to accomplish this through a nurturing and caring space where you can pray silently for 2 hrs.


120 MIN




This is the standard time for Hawaiian massage. Choose this if you are already in the process of healing and can clearly say what you need prayer for in your life.

Lomi lomi.jpeg

180 MIN



Choose this massage when you are starting a journey of healing or change and are unaware of the areas that need to be dealt with. This is the first massage step towards healing.

We don't meet people by accident

We don't meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our paths for a reason. Trying to find answers to heal myself from Multiple Sclerosis has been an ongoing challenge, until I met Matthew. He works on my physical & emotional wellbeing, re-aligning my energy and breaking down blockages from the past. I feel positive, hopeful and rejuvenated and am excited for the end result. - Debbie, Marketing Consultant

Fusion & Specialized Massage

Fusion massage is a unique blend of Deep Tissue massage, Sports massage, Holistic and Hawaiian massage styles, because you might not know what you need and this way you get it regardless of what you book which makes your life easier and your massage experience better.

Should you prefer to stick with what you know, we offer the regular massages styles on our booking system.
Sports, Deep Tissue, Reflexology or Pregnancy. The prices are all the same as we charge for our time.
Hot stones are a tool of our trade and we do NOT charge for them, we only ask that you request them upfront so that we can warm them.

Sports Massage, Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue massage, Thai massage, Pregnancy massage, Swedish massage or Hawaiian massage also know as Lomi Lomi massage

30 MIN



45 MIN



60 MIN



90 MIN



120 MIN




Helped me through my 4 pregnancies

I'm quite a regular client of Kahe Hands and always enjoy my massages from Matthew. I have come to him for around 6 years now, and have always felt better after his treatment. Whether that improvement came through the relief of pain and spasm from his massage, from a pleasant conversation in a non stress environment or from becoming informed and educated about my body, I have really benefited from Matthews treatments. He has also helped me get through a very tough (3rd) pregnancy - where my whole body took a lot of strain. I especially had really bad backache and my hips stiffened up early on in my second trimester. These are just some of the ways in which I have received relief at his hands. I know some worry about receiving massage during pregnancy but I never had those concerns. I highly recommend Matthew. - Angelique, Designer

Travel Massage




Pre-Paid Plan

4 x 60 MIN - USED IN 8 WEEKS