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How often should I get a massage?

The answer to the above question all depends on the amount of demand you are placing on your body and how it is reacting to such demands. Most elite athletes get at least one massage per week as part of their injury prevention strategy but during serious games or series this could be as much as following each game or training session.

For most amateur athletes and especially those competing in taxing sports such as Crossfit, once a week to once a month is recommended. People who do regular light exercise can go for a massage once every two to four weeks is usually sufficient.

In speaking with the Centurion crossfit community it is clear that many so called amateur enthusiasts are putting in professional level hours though and running some serious overstrain and injury risks. Packing in 6 crossfit sessions a week should not be considered medium exercise and if you are competing then you should definitely regard yourself as a professional athlete!

To make weekly massage affordable, we offer 4 x 60 minute sessions available at a price of R800, which should be paid upfront and the sessions used within no more than 8 weeks. So when next you have a spasm, cramp or general discomfort you can know that there is relief available.

Please note: If you are recovering from an injury, and where your Doctor has confirmed that it is good to proceed, then more regular sports/remedial massage targeting the injured area is recommended until the injury has healed and you are back to pain-free full range of movement. This is particularly the case if you are going to continue training and competing and unable to give your injury sufficient time to recover.

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