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Getting a massage when you are sick!

Massage can speed up your recovery from flu.

Most of us don't feel like doing anything when we are feeling flu symptoms and in most cases a massage is definitely not on the cards. So why would you go for a massage when you are sick?

The experience of hot stones and oil can certainly offer you comfort and nurturing when you feel ill. The heat and essential oils also speed up the lymph system and increase blood flow. The increased blood flow increases the number of anti bodies to affected areas, now this may in fact make you feel a little worse. Your flu symptoms could get worse, temporarily, a nose may run more, a headache may get worse as your body speeds up the process of getting better.

So for those of you who want to get rid of your flu a little quicker and are prepared to feel a little worse for a short period of time then perhaps a massage may work for you. Otherwise the age old advice, of climbing into bed with some chicken soup and rest is always best!

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