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COVID Safety Protocols

The COVID pandemic has turned our world upside down. Never before has personal hygiene and workplace sanitation been so important. It has always been now it has become a necessity. Kahe Hands has always maintained very high sanitation standards, there however some important changes that affect client which need to be adhered to.

  1. Please arrive alone or be dropped off, only 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment. We do not take walk in business.

  2. Leave all extra items in the boot of your car.

  3. When you arrive please wait in your car if our door is closed and only approach once the door has been opened for you.

  4. Wear a mask from your car and at all times when at the venue. The only time you are permitted to remove it is when you are lying on the plinth.

  5. Sanitize your hands on arrival, after using the bathroom and when departing.

These safety protocols must be adhered to, they are for your safety, for people with compromised immune systems who are at risk and if you are not prepared to participate we will need to unfortunately refuse your business.

Our booths (rooms) are sanitized after each client along with areas that could have been touch. Towels are washed after every client and the physical face cradle is removed and sanitized. Therapist wear a PPE during the times that you are in reception and moving around and a mask when in the booth with you.

To our regulars who know that we are committed to your wellbeing thank you for your support and adherence and those who are going to become our clients we look forward to assisting you on your journey to wellbeing.

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