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Shoulder pain keeping you from your best?

Shoulder pain is very common and rather annoying not to mention painful. Frequently it is related to posture from working at a desk or computer and the height of the desk not being right. Constant strain from lifting the shoulder creates overuse pain.

A 30 min massage is useful in getting rid of the discomfort. A chair massage is useful for people, who don't want to or can't because of time, get undressed. If the spasm is severe then consider doing 45 min or even 60.

A sports massage is typically clothed and very focused on the area of discomfort. You wont need to undress and pressures are high. You will need to control your breathing as a way of managing pain so that you can relax through the stretch.

If you want the spasm gone but don't want to have to 'work' in your massage then opt for a Hot Stone massage which at Kahe Hands comes at no extra charge. This way the stone does the heavy lifting in warming the muscle structure allowing for less painful but still thorough stretches of the muscles.

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